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Eva Popek Founder and pharmacist of JesusRx moved from Phoenix, Arizona to New Hampshire in 2001 with her husband, 2 daughters and 1 Boston terrier. She continued to work as a pharmacist helping many people with medications.  Her hearts’ desire was to see people achieve health, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. She knew hope could be found no matter what disease states her patients were facing.

What started as a gift for friends turned into a product that offers freedom and hope and encourages others as they experience life. No matter where you or a loved one finds themselves in life, we all need a little help now and then. Who doesn’t want more peace or joy in their life? Who wants freedom from the worry about finances? Marriage, raising children and forgiveness can be challenging. If you have ever been gripped by fear or anger, or have doubts about love you will benefit from Jesus Rx. If you want to obtain more wisdom or know how to enable your speech to lift others then ordering your JesusRx daily doses and the 30 day guides will benefit you and your family and friends.

Suffering from allergies and asthma most of her life, being on 5 medications daily to breath, Eva felt she could never live without her prescription medications.  She was wrong.  As she continued reading the Word of God things started changing in her life.  Fear was something that gripped her.  After 2 weeks of not being able to drive down the hill she lived on to take her kids to school (because of winter weather) she said ENOUGH! She went to the word of God and the Great Physician to see what he said about fear in her life. Within weeks her mind and heart and physical strength was regained.  Being a pharmacist it would’ve been easy to see the doctor and get Xanax.

Throughout her career she was asked a few times if she had A.D.D because she was easily distracted.  She had also experienced some depression, but was always able to be treated from God’s Word and exercise to avoid some potentially dangerous medications in her life. She has seen others able to decrease medications drastically (under the treatment of a doctor), or come off them all together, when looking into God’s word for their healing.  So many times people want to do things their own way and not the way the creator designed for them to do things. This leads to hurt and guilt and sadness that many times drive people to need prescription medications.  Because she no longer believed in over half the medications she was dispensing, and knowing how her hope came, no matter what life threw at her, she wanted to share that with others.

She made gifts for friends one year and they wanted her to “dispense” more for their friends who were in need of peace or for those who were fearful in their circumstances. She has held Bible studies in her home when living in Arizona, Oregon, and New Hampshire. She loves people and seeing them obtain freedom through living healthy lives, spiritually, mentally and physically. She has been blessed to write the 30 day guides, sharing valuable insights making it simple to digest and heal. She is available to facilitate women’s ministries in churches or speak to groups in homes or retreats about the best medicine from the greatest physician.

About Us

JesusRx was created by a Christian pharmacist who wanted to offer more than worldly physical medicine to patients. Knowing firsthand the power of God for spiritual and physical healing as well as answers to life’s issues, it was heartbreaking to see patients turn just to medications for answers. Since physical medications can mask the root of the problem, JesusRx Daily Doses was created to provide true answers to life. Our Mission statement is to help others seek 1st and foremost the Great Physician for all of life’s circumstances through the Word of God.  We don’t deny physical medicine has a place while in this earth. Our pharmacist is available to speak to ladies groups about the Great Physician. Call for more information.

We would love to hear back from you how Daily Doses has affected you, your families or your friends’ lives

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Daily Dose?

JesusRx Daily Doses are Christian gift products containing 30 different bible versus printed on pill shaped plastic cards in the bottle. Each pill card contains a specific verse from the bible addressing the particular topic of interest. The product is intended to be used daily, where a verse pill is selected from the jar and meditated on for the day. Each day a new pill is selected and meditated on for the day. The pill can be slipped in your pocket or purse and used as a reminder and comforter during the day as the issue is being improved or solved.

  1. Is Daily Doses medicine you take orally?

No, JesusRx Daily Doses is meant to be read and meditated on daily. It is not meant to be eaten or swallowed.

  1. Are all of the scriptures the same in the jar?

No, there are 30 different scriptures in each jar specifically addressing the topic of interest. Each scripture from the new and old testament addresses the topic selected.

  1. Are the scriptures the same in each product jar?

No, each scripture selected is specific to each topic selected.