WHAT IS THE BIGGEST THING that is separating you from God right now? I heard someone say the biggest thing that separates us from God is guilt. I started to think about what was said. Yes we are guilty and God sent Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for us and when we accept Gods gift we are no longer separated from God. As a child of God I know I’m forgiven, but sometimes I will go a separate way than what God may want for me. For me it’s pride .. not guilt that separates me from God . Pride doesn’t allow me to go to God. Pride makes me self reliant. Pride doesn’t allow me to lean on God for all understanding . Pride puts ME first, before God. I then do not put all my hope in the Lord. I want to lean NOT on my own understanding but acknowledge His ways to make my path straight. I can’t if pride is present. May anything that is hindering you from an abundant life in Christ be removed this day in Jesus Name! May my self reliant prideful ways be torn down as I live a victorious , joy filled life in Jesus Christ!


-Eva Popek

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