Mind: It’s a run day
Body: I don’t want a run day today
Mind: you know every other day is a run day
Body: I know , but I kinda hurt, feel stiff, been eating and drinking ” stuff” with more sugar , just don’t feel like it. I was tired yesterday and pushed through .. no running yesterday.
Mind: I’m Strong, I’m telling you to do things that will benefit you , go run, you are never sorry after you run… you know I’m going to win.
Body: yes thank you for that reminder, now remind me before I put ” stuff ” in this body that isn’t good for me… please tell me yes to the good “stuff” that will continue to bring life to this body.
Mind: will do.. remember it’s important we work together!!! Feed me good things so I can keep telling you good things!
Body: yep , gotta go run , getting some Toby Mac on to help you mind!
Mind: thank you .. you mean a lot to me!
Body: no , thank you for caring so much about me and never forget how to obtain a ” sound mind”.
Spirit: I KNOW you both haven’t forgotten about me.
Body and Mind together : NEVER, because we want total health!

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