You may be wondering who Manoah is. He is a man who had a wife that was infertile. I read about him in Judges Chapter 13.
He was told by his wife (they don’t give us her name…go figure) that a man of God came to her and said she would have a son. She was told her son would be a Nazarite so she had to observe the things a Nazarite would do. This meant no wine, fermented drink or eat anything that was unclean while she was pregnant. No razor was to come to his head. She was also told he would begin the deliverance of Israel from the hands of the Philistines.
Menoah prayed, it says he begged the Lord would allow the man of God to come back and teach them how to bring up the boy they would have.
God did send the angel back to the woman while she was out in the field. She called to her husband to let him know “the man” returned. So Manoah asked him, “When your words are fulfilled, what is to be the rule that governs the boy’s life and work?” He was answered with the same thing his wife was told.
In reading this, I thought it was funny they were not given any other instructions at that time, but told the same thing the wife was told.
Menoah got confirmation of three things. One, His wife wasn’t crazy, Two, His wife needed to do all that she was told to do, and three God heard Menoahs prayer and sent the “man” back.
Menoah wanted teaching. He wanted to know how to raise this child, especially since he was told he would be setting the Israelites free from the Philistines.
No matter what the situation, raising children, employment, relationships, finances, when Ihear from some-one or read in God’s Word what the Lord has for me, do I press in and beg God to show me more? Do I ask God how? Sometimes I do and I get what Menoah and his wife got. I get the same answer, no more information or no more insight into the situation. To be honest this can bother me, but it shouldn’t, for several reasons.
I know I must first ASK and more importantly TRUST. The faith I’ve been given needs to kick in. The faith of WHO GOD IS and who I am to Him and in Him must come alive. I am His child and He takes care of me and ALL MY NEEDS according to His riches (Philippinas 4:19).
As I continue to read Chapter 13, I see God confirmed it was He who spoke through the angel of the Lord. It’s so wonderful when I receive confirmation from God that it truly was He who “has spoken”.
Do you press into prayer and want to be taught and know more from God? I have come to realize how important it is for my life when a problem or situation arises what I do about it. The first thing I do now is go to God with that problem or situation. It may not be considered a “problem” at the beginning, but I can turn it into one, if I am not careful.
In going to God with the “problem” I always ask “where or what may I have done to contribute to the problem?” I need to see what I need to do to turn from the problem, and in turning to God , let him reveal to me what I need to do next. If I can honestly say there is nothing I’ve done to contribute (which is not true about 80% of the time) then the problem or situation may not belong to me. I am to be responsible for myself, not others and all their problems. I am to make myself available to encourage others in God’s Word and in His Ways.
I want to respond like Menoah and ask for more teaching for whatever circumstance I’m in. I also will ask God to send people or dare I say “an angel of the Lord” to show and confirm what I hear. I said dare say, because if you continue to read it said Menoah didn’t realize the man was an angel of the Lord until he was taken up in the flames from the offering Menoah and his wife were offering. You just have to read it…it’s really good. CHAPTER 13 of Judges in the Old Testament.
In asking God for confirmation if it is HE who is speaking to me He will confirm it but it will not always come like I would like or in the timing (like within 5 minutes or even an hour) but while in faith I wait confirmation WILL come.
Menoah and his wife had a son and he was named Samson and as Menioahs wife did as she was told by the angel so did Samson. Samson did deliver the Israelites from the Philistines. Oh you must read his journey, it’s exciting, thrilling and sad, just like life today.
Join me today, in faith, as you wait for your confirmation, going through thrilling, exciting and even sad times, in this thing we call life. God Bless.

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